While performing in Montpellier, France, Rihanna took her live show to the next level when she invited one lucky fan from the front row on stage and gave him a lap dance. Although the footage is new, the actual performance is quite old. 

This wasn't one of those "I'll get close to my fans but I'm not gonna actually touch them" lap dances either. She actually rode dude for a few seconds and then grabbed his hand and pushed it up against her chest. Honestly, we'd probably pass out if this ever happened to us. 

We're sure the fan was excited when this happened but not in that way since the guy is actually gay. His name is GJ Kooijman (he was easy to find as he's the top comment on the video above on YouTube). Kooijman seems to have an innate ability to get near celebs, he once got Lady Gaga to vote for him for Mr. Gay Netherlands. So yeah, there's that.

Also, LOL at this video opening with Rhi Rhi sitting on stage with her legs spread open. 

[via NYPost]

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