They don’t call it Music City for nothing. Nashville, Tenn. is hot on the heels of places like New York, London, and Berlin to become one of the world’s capitals for breakout music. The wealth of bands itching to be discovered makes it an epicenter for talent in 2013--and it’s not just about big budget Country Music anymore. With a laid-back attitude, tons of small, private venues, and a built-in infrastructure of recording studios, Nashville is the perfect setting for groundbreaking bands looking to live cheap and cash in on big opportunities.

Former White Stripes front man, Jack White has set up shop there, indicating that it’s not just small town up-and-comers who are paying attention to all the city has to offer. Nashville is next, and rounded up the bands that are really putting the city on the map. It's time to check out The Top 5 Nashville Bands Right Now.