Just because rumors about a Danity Kane reunion have been swirling doesn't mean it's time to drop everything and take a tour of the LED-lit y2k years. Former member Dawn Richard has been busy working on her solo career as an indie R&B artist. 

When the band broke up, Richard not only left Danity Kane behind, she left Bad Boy Records and all of the bells and whistles that came with it. Richard released the first installment of a trilogy with her GoldenHeart EP. After releasing a narrative music video for “86,” collaborating with Eve on “Northern Lights,” and laying out plans for her forthcoming BlackHeart and RedemptionHeart, Richard is blazing back into the music scene full steam ahead.

Pepsi.com sat down with the Los Angeles-based triple threat to talk about singing in her father’s church choir as a kid, dancing as a professional NBA cheerleader for the New Orleans Hornets, and her 808-laden next project. Read the full interview on Pepsi.com.