This feels like something that's been a long-time coming. Noisia and Foreign Beggars are no strangers, as they've collaborated on tracks like "Contact," "Shellshock," and "No Holes Barred." Noisia's also been delving in non-dnb production for a bit, be it as Drifter or their recent production for Dream Mclean as Nightwatch. We already know the Beggars' pedigree, bringing their UK hiphop flavor to many different forms of dance music. Essentially, this feels like one of those projects that's been somewhat necessary. With the dance music scene basically doing away with whatever lines that have been drawn in the sand, it makes sense that these two crews link up to do something together.

Now, DAD's not sure if I Am Legion is the name of the project or the name of their collaborative crews, but MistaJam recently previewed this banger "Make Those Moves," and it's official. They've set up an ominous website with a countdown (we're currently 80 days away from whatever I Am Legion will be), and we're officially excited.