The unmistakable sample of Tom Scott's piercing saxophone. The firm, swift drums that reverberate with an anthem-like demeanor. The poetically honest notion of death, and the beautiful struggle for survival. Pete Rock & CL Smooth did more than simply stake their claim with their lead off single "T.R.O.Y." They found themselves along the way. 

In the third episode of Complex TV's Magnum Opus, Soul Brother #1 and The Mecca Don detail how their 1992 masterpiece came to fruition. From their destined union as a duo ("This was my calling," CL attests) to the unexpected passing of their close friend Troy Dixon (aka "Trouble" T. Roy), the crown jewels of Mount Vernon provide a thorough look into how a wistful moment of remembrance transcended beyond two turntables and a microphone. 

Along with their firsthand accounts, "T.R.O.Y." is also closely examined by a number of rap luminariesDJ Eddie F, Talib Kweli, Dante RossJarobi White, and Complex's own Editor-In-Chief Noah Callahan-Bever—who give context to a record that will live on as a defining piece of the golden era in hip-hop.

As a bonus, peep the "Magnum Opus" episodes of Talib Kweli's "Get By" and Special Ed's "I Got It Made" as well.







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