Malaphats: "Nicki Minaj, I'm the finest b**** out, ya feel me?" Lil B

Kid Icarus: Every line in Eminem's "Fack"

Lily Monroe: "2Pac without a nose ring" 2 Chainz

Money-making-Marc: "Pxxxx so sweet imma need goggles"

AshleyLiani: "Chain the color of Akon"

Blossom_beautyxxx: "Started from the bottom now I'm here" Drake

Juss Smoove: "Real G's move silent like lasagna"

Noiisy: "I leave them dead in the living room"

Bugatti: "I laugh to the bank all you do is giggle"

BornSinner: "That b**** p**** smell like a penguin"

Jamdropz: "They throw dirt on my name, that's why they still dig me"

Babypookie1696: I don't know.