Malaphats: He's very talented, but is going crazy.

Kid Icarus: ..a bit crazy.

Lily Monroe: .. a good rapper (but I don't like Yeezus).

Money-making-Marc: the Illuminati, but an okay rapper.

AshleyLiani: of the greatest.

Blossom_beautyxxx: ..kinda amazing.

Cylla: ..great but not my favorite. Also mysterious.

Spongebob Reyes: ..a person.

Juss Smoove: ..great.

Noiisy: idiot, and full of talent.

Bugatti: ..different

BornSinner: ..a trendsetter. Amazing to listen to.

Jamdropz: ..a chauvinistic egotistical maniac.

Babypookie1696: the Illuminati with Jay-Z.