We've been calling Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates one of the most promising rookies in hip-hop, and his latest single promises to convert even more fans to his cause. His strength is in his balance; at once lyrically-oriented without sacrificing emotional punch or songwriting capabilities, the rapper is the full package. 

His latest single, "4:30AM," is slated to appear on his album Stranger Than Fiction, due out July 16. The song has a harrowing dramatic feel appropriate for the story he tells through ragged vocals. It packs in romance, betrayal, and one catchy, powerful hook, which focuses on details and leaves the story between the lines: "4:30 AM/Never say when/It's 5 in the morning, and your children are somewhere on the corner/6 AM, Water boiling/Think I'm addicted to the strong aroma."

[via HNHH]

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