Just one day after Baton Rouge rapper Kevin Gates dropped "4:30 AM," the introspective, subtly poetic late-night track from his upcoming Stranger Than Fiction album, the artist has released the video for the song. Frankly, the video is somewhat inessential; it's dark and ominous, like the song, but unlike the song, it's a little hard to follow, and the sound is garbled, as it was on Lil Reese's "Savage." (I've wondered if this was an intentional effect to get people to buy the single on iTunes. Which isn't a bad idea: you can cop it here in high-quality.)

But it's worth checking out again; the song has the wistful atmospherics of late-night soft-focus tracks by Drake, but is meatier lyrically, with well-crafted prose that isn't overly detatched and still packs an emotional punch. 

Gates' album is due out July 16.

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