#TOMCREW is a collective of producers and DJs that is headed by Tulsa, Oklahoma's Young Foxy and Tokyo Hands, who hails from North Carolina. These two have trolled through the Internet and into my heart, making me smile while pushing some of the most unique bass music I've had the pleasure of listening to. We all still hop in turntable.fm rooms from time to time, and the songs they get their hands on are absolutely huge. The stamp of approval comes when you get your own avatar. Each one of these custom images derives from the profile picture of your first MySpace friend, Tom. Last time I checked, this movement was 50+ members deep. I'm #TOMCREW. It's loosely run and I love it that way.

And a collective that isn't quite a label or management company or, well, official in any sense of the word somehow is getting their hands on exclusive content that the world needs to be paying attention to. Keiska is a phenom from Finland that's making spaced out bass music, and is one of a GIANT handful of artists that I would have never had any clue about if #TOMCREW didn't exist. Gardens is a "name your price" EP that turns a jumpy genre into a mellow ride. You should also check out their free compilation, End Times.