Ign'ant Kanye vs. Conscious Kanye

"Now even though I went to college and dropped out of school quick/I always had a Ph.D.: a Pretty Huge Dick"

Song: "Breathe In, Breathe Out" (2004)
Album: College Dropout
Conscious Or Ign'ant?: Ign'ant

"Breathe In Breathe Out" is one of the essential 'Ye tracks, if only because it contains this sterling line. Because who cares if you're a college dropout, as long as you've got the only PhD that really matters-right? Don't follow? Let 'Ye explain: He's talking about a Pretty. Huge. Dick. In a career of groan-inducing punchlines, this is his Mona Lisa. True fans can only hope he might one day turn this into a song-length meme (i.e. M.D. = miraculous dong, M.B.A. = my big anaconda, etc.)

Tags: kanye-west
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