Album: Guru 8.0: Lost & Found
: 7 Grand
Producer: Solar

The late, great Guru's voice was most often heard over Gang Starr partner DJ Premier's immaculately chopped loops, or the expert musicianship of his Jazzmatazz collaborators. However, in the MC's final years, while he was suffering health problems as well as the unwelcome influence of a controlling collaborator, the widely reviled Solar, he wandered into other sonic territory. But we didn't know just how far Guru had been led astray until 2009's Guru 8.0: Lost & Found, released just a year before his tragic death. The bland use of Cerrone's "Supernature" on "Divine Rule" fits Guru like an embarrassing outfit, and he struggles mightily to find a comfortable flow on the track. We should've known something was up when Guru sounded like a hostage on his own song.