The Biggest Hip-Hop Fails of 2013 (So Far)

Chief Keef Goes In And Out of Jail

Date: 6/17/2013

Chief Keef is no stranger to trouble. There was that whole mocking another kid's death thing... then that Instagram thing... But 2013 guided to Chief to even more trouble. That video interview he did with Pitchfork at a gun range, ended up being evidence that he violated his parole (for being around and firing weapons). He was sentenced to a juvenile detention center for two months only, one month after Finally Rich. The day after he went to juvenile detention, he was sued for $75,000 for not showing up to a concert in London he was to perform at. You'd think maybe that's it. We're no where close.

Less than a week after being released from jail, Almighty Sosa was arrested at his hotel for drugs and disorderly conduct, ultimately being released later that day. A week later he gets arrested for going twice the speed limit, and then makes bond. There's more. Keef shows up for his speeding ticket court date, gets 18 months of probation. He walks out of the courtroom only to be arrested on an old trespassing warrant. But wait: there's more. He was served his second paternity suit the same day. Awful luck, that Chief Keef has.

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