Part of what makes Freddie Gibbs such a fascinating interview is his complete honesty. Whether it's intentional or not, he's exceptional at being dead serious, yet hilarious. Speaking with MTV News, Gangsta Gibbs once again addressed his split from Young Jeezy's CTE label. Once again, zero punches were pulled. Though Gibbs tried to be politically correct when he made his departure last year, he's obviously tired of the charade.

"I started seein' the fake and the empty promises and all of that stuff and I just didn't wanna be around that no more," he says of his decision to part ways with CTE. He even addressed the disappointment you can experience after meeting your heroes, saying "when they take that cape off, boy o' boy under that cape, sometimes it's some scary lil' boy hidin' under that cape." 

Gibbs also addressed the Twitter threats that followed his unfiltered comments: "Hey man, I know it hurts you to hear your favorite rapper's a fraud. It ain't my fault." Moving forward, Gibbs' goal is to force Jeezy to address him. "I'ma make it that every time he go sit down, he gotta talk about me. He gonna have to say somethin'. You ain't got no choice," he explained.

His ESGN album will be out July 9.

[via MTV News]

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