During a gig in Massachusetts on June 8, it's being reported that Erick Morillo was escorted from behind the decks some 45 minutes into his set. There is no official word on what caused the "erratic behavior," but Pulse Radio is reporting that he was "visibly looking not quite fully operational" before his set, and was seen stumbling away from the decks around the 45 minute mark. There was a loop playing on repeat, and security escorting Morillo and his manager to a car to be taken somewhere. EDM Boston has posted a more detailed account of the ordeal.

We don't want to speculate about what's going on, although it sounds like Erick missed this Long Island gig he was tweeting about, and there's been no movement from him socially since that tweet. Whatever it is, DAD hopes it gets rectified so he can be back, moving the crowd.