For lack of a better term, the "club" scenes in Philly and Jersey have a hold on the youth. For the last few years, it has popped its head to those outside of its core audience, but this "BASS" EP from Swizzymack might be one of the biggest looks for this hyper style, which some might think sounds like doubletime trap music (as they do share some elements), but the Philly club sound is definitely its own animal. If you have frequented any of the Mad Decent shows in Philly, from the massive Block Party to the Mad Decent Mondays spots, you've definitely seen Swizzymack around. He's a beast on the decks, and has been quietly perfecting his production. Over three tracks, Swizzymack keeps the bass in your whip knocking, and two out of the three tracks on this Jeffrees EP are of the more "club" persuasion. Get educated.