It sure as hell sounds like it. Hudson Mohawke has been sneaking clips of Kanye West material into his sets over the last month, and during his Parklife Festival this weekend in England, it sounds like he was at it again, but this time, it sounds familiar.

Based on the above video, a track that sounds like it incorporates the "R U Ready" track from TNGHT is being played. The audio quality is not stellar (nor is the video, for that matter), but you can hear a bit of part of "R U Ready" in it (although we're not sure if HudMo was doing a live PA or DJing, so maybe this could just be a blend). Yeezus is out next week, and by the looks of it, Kanye's not doing much in terms of press and promotion, so who knows how much we'll know before this one drops.

In other related HudMo news, he's announced tour dates for July and August of this year throughout North America, bringing him everywhere from Washington, DC to San Francisco:


(Pigeons & Planes)