Ciara is on The Fader's June/July issue cover, where writer Lizzy Goodman takes a look at the Atlanta singer while at Quad Studios in New York as she prepped her upcoming album, Ciara

Ciara talked about the direction of the project, which took a drastic makeover after she changed the title from One Man Army to Ciara. She also explained her approach in balancing music and her personal life, which seemingly intertwines with rapper Future by her side now.

Read some of the excerpts here:

On creative disconnect with her fans:
“Do I believe there was a disconnect creatively with the fans? And my vision—what I was hoping for? Absolutely...You have to have those moments to know what to do and what not to do. This whole chapter where I am in my life—it’s about not running from my fears and the things that make me uncomfortable. It’s also about acknowledging the things that were wrong. I had a short break, but I plan to be here for a long time."

On finding inspiration for Ciara:
"I just got to go out and hang out more, and be out more, and feel the clubs, feel the energy of what’s happening in the streets. That’s really what I was doing at the start of One Woman Army. I still was in the mental space that I’m in, but as time went on I got more clarity on the direction of exactly what I wanted."

On balancing her career with personal life:
"When I first started all I did was work, work, work. That was really my main focus, and it still is a massive priority in my life, but I feel like I put my life now before my music. I love music so much and I do want to have a tremendous amount of success in it, but I want to live at the same time."

The new Fader hits new stands June 25.

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