Album: iSouljaBoyTellem
Producer: Natural Disaster and Antonio TopcaT Randolph
Label: Stacks on Deck Entertainment/Collipark Music/HHH/Interscope

Soulja Boy's chart-topping overnight success with the YouTube phenomenon of "Crank Dat" was such a singular pop culture moment that he was branded as a one hit wonder before he even started dropping a series of moderately popular follow-up singles. But just as haters exchanged high fives over the dismal first week sales of his sophomore album iSouljaBoyTellEm, another song was bubbling up that would become arguably the divisive young rapper's most enduring hit. "Turn My Swag On" was not only the biggest anthem of the swag era but an influential one, planting the seeds that everyone from Chief Keef to Lil B would sow for their own approaches at writing triumphantly swagged out hooks.