Album: Music Is My Savior
Producer: Blackout Movement
Label: American King Music/Capitol Records

"This Is Why I'm Hot" is a classic case of a chorus so insanely catchy that almost everything else about the song, even the inventive sample collage of regional rap classics Mims weaves throughout the song's first verse, takes a distant backseat to the hook. When the Mims track blew up the airwaves in early 2007, his label, Capitol Records, took its sweet time putting the song for sale on iTunes. And it was either coincidence or business savvy that led to Jae Millz having the only version of "This Is Why I'm Hot" on the digital retailer for a few days, in which time the mixtape freestyle rocketed to #3 on the iTunes sales chart. Soon enough, it was pulled and the Mims version was released, but for that moment, it was clear that all people really cared about was getting that hook on their iPods.