Album: Rich Gang:Flashy Lifestyle
Producer: Southside, TM88,Detail
Label: Young Money,Cash Money,Republic

Young Money has so much money that they've nicknamed their posse cuts "Rich Gang." They have so much sex, and for so long, girls have to "tap out." (Sounds fun.) Whatever. Nicki Minaj raps about having a "million dollar pussy;" this isn't music that's meant to change the world. On the contrary. Between Weezy rapping about how "If you hatin' you just need some pussy" and Birdman claiming he's having sex everywhere under the sun (and not), the song is one big Young Money Cash Money supergroup posse cut about lavish sex. If anything, Nicki ending her verse with "Pussy jewelry make 'em say burr man/Rubs hands like Birdman" followed by the crucial Birdman outro of "Flossing while you're shining/Jumping out Bugattis" just shows how much fucking money Rich Gang has-and exactly what they're doing with it. —Lauren Nostro