Album: March Madness
Producer: Nez & Rio
Label: N/A

Given the only guest verse on Kanye West's Yeezus, King Louie's profile is likely to rise considerably. Unlike, say, Nicki's "Monster" verse from two years ago—which simultaneously explained her appeal while embodying an intensified version of it—Lou's verse on the record is brief and a bit subdued. "Michael Jordan" is similarly terse, and totally drugged out, but gives a better idea of the lyrical approach the rapper brings to the table.

Over an uneasy, almost nauseous beat built upon distorted crowd noises, Louie's nonchalant flow gives the appearance of being sluggish. But it actually packs deft lyrics about the brutality that underlines his otherwise humorous approach. It's this contradiction that gives his raps an unsettling feel: "Even though your bitch don't know me/She still gave me head, emoji." —David Drake