Album: Run the Jewels
Producer: El-P
Label: Fool's Gold

Last year, Atlanta's Killer Mike and Brooklyn's El-P came together to release the critically acclaimed R.A.P. Music. On that album, Killer Mike came with the raps while El-P supplied the beats, with the Def Jux legend rapping on just one song. This year, the duo decided to modify the formula with Run The Jewels. While El-P still mans the boards, this go-around he's also trading bars with Mike, best demonstrated on the second verse of "36" Chain," where the vets take turns like experienced tag team partners. The uncanny chemistry seems to have gotten stronger, as Mike's aggressive delivery is matched by El's off-kilter flow. The first verse is vintage Mike over a vintage El-P beat: "Nigga better pray for a hoe like he Tebow though/Because right now he stay losing like the Jets." Ouch. —Dharmic X