Album: Random Access Memories
Producer: Daft Punk
Label: Daft Life,Columbia

Leave it Daft Punk to confound expectations. At a time when electronic dance music is at its peak in the American mainstream, one of the most popular dance acts in the world makes its first album in eight years and releases a lead single that has nothing to do with electronic dance music. Garage pioneer Todd Edwards once said the space-helmeted Frenchman brought "soul back to music." They certainly had some help in that regard this time around, as the legendary Nile Rodgers brought his Chic guitar work to this track, and Pharrell came correct in a young Michael Jackson impersonation. With so much of today's EDM thriving off of noise and lacking depth, it's important to have Daft Punk around to return things to margin, even if it's only for six minutes. —Khris Davenport