Album: Anxiety
Producer: Autre Ne Veut
Label: Software Records

Autre Ne Veut's "Counting" is loneliness in a nutshell. Spooky and sparse, the music moves slow as the atmosphere builds. Autre Ne Veut barely even sings-his whimpers make Weeknd's whispered croonings sound like opera by comparison. But the feeling is there: it sounds like an alcoholic staggering out of a bar, shielding himself from the sunlight after a night of binge drinking. "I'm counting on the idea that you'll stay alive." Jesus. (Shudders.)

Yet the most notable parts of the song are the misplaced sounds that first play at about the :40 and :50 second marks. The first is like a cross between the horns on "Jungle Boogie" and a door creaking open while the second is like a pig's snort mixed with someone hitting the wrong button on their keyboard by mistake. They return a few times throughout the song, sounding like production glitches left in there for the sake of weirdness. But the more you listen, the more their purpose becomes apparent: look past the imperfections and find the beauty buried in the hurt. —Insanul Ahmed