Lyric: "Who's responsible for the Oklahoma Bombing?/I shot Kennedy, fleed the crime scene jogging/Feds knew I did it still gave me a pardon/For the way 2-5 just repped at the Garden"
Album: The Black Eminem

Never mind that Tragedy Khadafi was born in 1971 and so would've needed a time machine to assassinate JFK in 1963, or Robert F. Kennedy in '68. Ignore the fact that we known that Timothy McVeigh was the guy behind the 1995 bombing of an OKC government building. The best part about Tragedy's crazy boast is the notion that the Feds would be like, "Yo, that show you and your crew did at MSG was fucking tight. We're gonna overlook that whole 'killed the president and committed a heinous act of terrorism' thing because 25 To Life is our shit. But just this once!" For the record we can find no evidence that Tragedy and company ever headlined at Madison Square Garden.