There are few hip-hop personalities more beloved than Snoop Dogg. What rap fan doesn't dream of passing blunts with Uncle Snoop? The funky stoner has been charming audiences since the early '90s with his laid pack persona and silky smooth style. In our eyes, the Doggfather can do no wrong.

Earlier this year, he changed his name to Snoop Lion (sorry, he'll always be Snoop Dogg to us, just like Diddy will always be Puffy) and dropped a reggae album, Reincarnated. Even though it wasn't his best work, we're still willing to look the other way. Why? Because he's still one of rap's great ambassadors. Just peep his recent and totally random appearance on One Life To Live for proof. Yet, when he went on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart a few years back, Jon Stewart asked, "Remember when [white America] was scared of you?" 

Well they definitely ain't scared no more. White America—and white girls in particular—have been loving Snoop Dogg for years. And he loves them back. Check out these 21 Pictures of White Girls Loving Snoop Dogg.

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