BJ The Chicago Kid: "[Live Shows are] a part of the dream coming true. Part of the dream is hearing the audience sing those lyrics back if you wrote them. If you ain’t write ‘em, that isn’t really the dream. It’s the writer’s dream. Getting that transfer of energy that you come out on that first song and by the ninth song you’re tired as fuck and they give you that energy back and you’re like, ‘Where did this extra burst of energy come from?’ Just so many elements that is loveable in a live format. It’s crazy.

"Especially for those that really love entertaining. It’s one thing to be like, ‘Yeah! So, Uh!’ and then you sing verses being in a character when you come out. When you walk out the ladies screaming because they see you in a character. These is women that see you on a regular day and see you dressed like that.

"When you see someone in what they love to do, you see them in a whole other way. You’d be like, ‘Man, I just had drinks with this dude, but I saw him on the court and he dunked on Blake Griffin. Oh my god!’ It changes your whole outlook on that person. I love that mindfuck when it comes to my live performance. It’s incredible. I love for people to see me in my happiest element and my happiest moment. And doing the best thing I love to do."