BJ The Chicago Kid: "I told myself in creating Pineapple Now & Laters that if five people download it, or 5 million, I’m going to be happy with the product and then put it out. I didn’t have any goals. My goal was for this music to be exactly how I feel. It was very stingy, man. Pineapple Now & Laters was a very stingy product.

"I based it off everything I love. I was simply testing everything I have poured into my soul and my spirit over the years. Is this so authentic and so popular, so tangible that a lot of people can identify with this? Let’s really roll the dice and let’s gamble and see who is really fucking with us. For artists that really want to gamble and see who’s really down with you, create an album like that. Don’t think about sales, don’t think about none of that. Be very selfish. Do exactly how you feel and put that out and see who gravitates towards that.

"Pineapple Now & Laters—it formed from this massive album I was working on all of these years. It's formed from the songs that didn’t make that main album, which is going to be the album I put out with Motown. I put those on a playlist and it made sense.

"All my life I’ve been working on an album, so when I hear a song or I get a dope track or I hear the lyrics, I’m going to work on it right then and there. Because it don’t stop. This is a 24/7 not a 9 to 5 for me. I’m always working. Sometimes my mans will call me at five in the morning, I’m up. Or he’ll text me ‘You Up?’ And I’m like ‘Yup.’ It’s an ongoing thing. I’m like the city that never sleeps, I’m the man that never sleeps.

"Yeah, that’s why I picked Pineapple Now & Laters, it’s just something so me. It’s identical to my life. It was my favorite candy as a kid. My cousin who gave me the candy, was a huge music lover. Being with him and his little brother—it was like, ‘Woah, how the hell did you get a VHS of Michael Jackson in Japan?’ And then you going to play Guy, and then you mess around and play Ice-T, then you play Ice Cube, then he playing Janet Jackson, then he playing Tony! Toni! Tone! Just like the weirdest playlist ever. But now that I’m older I got to see that that was just nothing but good music. He was just playing the balance of him."