We finally got a little break from Yeezy Season, and by break, we mean he premiered "New Slaves" again on Friday night in new locations—but we already watched it last week.

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj is out slaying verses again on Ciara's "I'm Out" track off of her forthcoming album named, of course, Ciara. But who was she throwing shots at? And how amazing was it to hear her sound so vicious on a track?

But Nicki wasn't the only female in hip-hop this week to make headlines—welcome Paris Hilton to the hip-hop world. Hilton signed a deal with Cash Money, Birdman confirmed, and everyone in the world was all, "What the fuck? Does Paris even rap?" The answer is "sometimes" but don't worry her album will be very EDM, she says.

Plus Birdman and Rick Ross released an album full of material from 2008, Katy Perry realized that Chief Keef does know who she is and will respond to her tweets about how she doesn't like "Hate Being Sober," and more in this week's What The Hell Just Happened in Music This Week? 

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