Date: May 6

On Monday night, throngs of celebs filled The Met for its annual Gala; this year's theme was Punk. For an hour we watched stars walk the red carpet, pretend to know about a bunch of punk acts they allegedly loved growing up, and show off what they were wearing. Blah, blah, blah—then Kanye West performed. There was no live stream, there were no YouTube videos, but there were a hell of a lot of people on Twitter asking the same question: What is Vine?

They should have just gone ahead and asked Riff Raff. But when A-Trak posted this, the world went insane.

It's just a snippet, but between his vine and those of models like Jaime King and Coco Rocha taking five second videos of his performance, it looks like everyone was right—Kanye's next album sounds very dark. And there are definitely animal noises.

Kanye's performing on Saturday Night Live next weekend; if NBC doesn't become the first network to broadcast in Vines, perhaps we'll see more than snippets of his new music. —Lauren Nostro

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