The Onion ran with this headline today: Heartbroken Chris Brown Always Thought Rihanna Was Woman He’d Beat To Death.

Domestic violence jokes are not funny. Ever.

We get what The Onion is attempting to do—another opportunity to make Chris Brown look like an asshole in a satirical piece. But did this go too far—especially in light of their Tweet about Quvenzhané Wallis just a few months ago?

Here's the text:

After revealing yesterday that he had recently split up with longtime girlfriend Rihanna, a heartbroken Chris Brown tearfully told reporters that he always thought the 25-year-old singer was going to be the woman he’d beat to death one day.
“Despite all the ups and downs, I was so sure Rihanna was the one I’d take by the throat one day and fatally assault, and even toward the end I continued to hold out hope that we’d be together until the day she died at my hands from blunt-force trauma,” Brown, 24, said in a radio interview this week, telling DJs he still has abusive feelings for his ex-flame and is hopeful that he might punch her again one day.
“It’s hard knowing that there’s some other guy out there who gets to beat her senseless. In fact, for all I know, there might be someone out there assaulting her right now. And let me tell you, that guy is the luckiest guy in the world.” A saddened Brown added that, should the couple not reconcile, he remains confident that the special someone he was meant to beat to death is still out there for him, and when he finds her, he’ll waste no time in slapping her around.

We're waiting to see if Brown or Rihanna responds. But readers, do you think The Onion took it too far? 

[via The Onion]

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