Shy Glizzy and the females who thirst for him have entirely different priorities, as outlined by this new video for "Swish." He just wants to ball, but the thirst follows him wherever he goes. The D.C. rapper, known to many for his grandmother-mammary threatening lyrics, sits atop a basketball hoop in this one to hammer the point (the fact that he tends toward balling) home.

Shy's buzz has been building for about a year now, ever since his Keef-targeting record "3Milli" came out, and he has established himself as an artist who doesn't use beef as a crutch for content with his well-received mixtapes Law and F*ck Rap (the tape that "Swish" is on).  

Watch Shy above, balling both in the club and on the court, below a spinning chandelier effect that will have you asking why there's a spinning chandelier effect.

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