Ace Hood, after initially waking up in a "Bugatti," now finds himself in much less auspicious circumstances. In this minimalist gray-scale video, he sits on a throne, a single spotlight upon him, with hands from invisible sources grasping at his very seat. Though Ace Hood is a Florida native, there is a distinct Midwestern fingerprint on this song, "Root of Evil," which landed on his last mixtape Starvation 2. He acknowledges Chief Keef by saying "bang bang," Lil Reese by saying "at the top it's just us," and Big Sean by saying "I give her the D."

Besides lyrical Midwestern references, the song was produced by Young Chop, whose sound was utilized by all three of the artists just mentioned. The video itself is reminiscent of Kanye West's "Monster" video, for which Kanye stands with his back to a gate, through which hands grasp at his face with a similar desperate creepiness. Watch above so you can respond to the following tweet.

Look out for Ace Hood's album Trials & Tribulations, which comes out July 16th.

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