Producer: C-Sick
Album: N/A
Label: Epic

King Louie was the man, little did you know—or maybe you ain't even know at all. But once the "Val Venis" came out, there was no contesting Louie's mass appeal, as corroborated by his extensive and consistent back catalog. Louie had first released a clip of himself "wildin'" (while "Vallin'" of course) to the beat of what would later become his monstrous "Val Venis" single, in which our dude dances hilariously to the C-Sick instrumental, announcing: "Hello ladies."

But it became clear when the actual song came out that it was no longer a joke, and that he went in on the track as he is wont to do. Louie is just so good at rapping that his armchair flow sounds as if he could have been in the middle of something else, (like waking up on Band Ave., taking a band bath, or telling jokes to his anthropomorphic bandz) and he just turned to you for a second to spit a few verses, every line of which rhymes with either the word "dough" or "MUBU." Or maybe it's really just that easy for him. For Louie, a chorus isn't even a necessary element to one of his songs, because it seems like the guy just has infinite bars, but here he simply had to declare his metaphysical resemblance to a Canadian wrestler to get his point across. Naturally. —Alexander Gleckman