Album: The Pretty Toney Album
Producer: True Master
Label: Def Jam

True Master lives up to his name with a wicked flipping of Sam & Dave's "I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down," and Ghost does it justice from the jump. He starts "Biscuits" off with one of his best opening quotes asking, "Yo, who the fuck brought me this chocolate shit, man? I said a banana Nutriment,, dumb niggas and shit, runnin' around here and shit. Ya'll niggas need to wisen up, man."

That should get you ready for what's about to come. Deni the Great and Trife da God ride this soulful beat with ease. The hook is what makes this a classic cut, with Tony singing to these chumps that don't want any beef. Pass him the Sazon before he fucks around and takes all your shit. Or fuck around and be a sta-tistic. —Angel Diaz