Album: Ironman
Producer: RZA
Label: Razor Sharp, Epic Street

First off, a word to the wise: "Back up off me while I grab my dick and hold the Heini." Ghostface needs you to understand that he's not to be disturbed at certain times. Now that that's settled let's get back to the lyrics. This song belongs on the list if only because it contains one of Ghost's most memorable non-sequiturs, "Starks-ologist, fried fish halibut." Being an expert in Tony Starks science is one thing, appreciating tasty seafood is quite another—still Ghost makes room for both concepts in a single line.

A couple of bars later he's recounting the Wu's rise to power in the rap game: "We elbowed our way inside Loud and got on." Loud Records, of course, was the label that agreed to release the first Wu Tang Clan album, and also crucially allowed the individual members to cut their own solo deals, including Ghost's pact with Epic/Sony, which made possible the release of Iron Man.

As a result—as Ghost points out in this densely packed verse—the Wu was soon "G-in' Pepridge farms from out of millions." But pay close attention because he's about to veer back to the halibut theme. "Who wanna rhyme, who wanna challenge the swordmans/That rock that fisherman hat like Gorton's." Who else rhymes like this? Nobody. —Rob Kenner