Album: Ironman
Producer: RZA
Label: Razor Sharp, Epic Street

The Wu-Tang Clan was never known for club bangers, but track No. 7 off Iron Man is built around an energetic, up-tempo RZA beat plus a catchy hook courtesy of Raekwon the Chef that advises listeners to "prepare for mic fights and plus the cold war." U-God, Master Killer, and Cappadonna all shine on the track-in fact, Cappa's closing verse may be the strongest of his entire catalog.

But this is Ghost's album and he handles verse No. 2 with sharp images and undeniable power resulting in blunt-force trauma. "My technique alone blows doors straight off their hinges," he notes early on. Later he asserts that his freestyle is "sharper than the indian spear" and he's got "more games than beggars on trains."

When Ghostdini warns that "my culture glides and attacks just like a vulture," the choice of bird is significant. Since vultures are scavengers one can only assume that his competition is already dead. —Rob Kenner