The 50 Best Ghostface Killah Songs

33. Ghostface Killah "Malcolm" (2000)

Album: Supreme Clientele
Producer: Choo the Specializt
Label: Epic, Sony, Razor Sharp

"Malcolm" begins as it should, with an excerpt of Malcolm X's Ford Auditorium speech after his house was set ablaze with Ghost shouting, "Speak, Brother Malcolm, speak" over the revolutionary's words. Tony then starts rapping about how he feels like Malcolm when he was looking out his window with an AK-47, and proceeds to goes in about some cornball that's been fronting like he's big time when, "He sport the Bob Hope classics/Ran down Asics/Kmart/The short sleeve shit be the basics/He eat hams shitted on himself twice/Big hatted Jews rushed the nigga out in Crown Heights."

By the sound of the hook, Tony's tired of what's going on in the 'hood and wants to follows Malcolm's lead. In the second verse, he makes reference to the time the Wu had a run in with Ma$e—yes, that Ma$e—and tells us a colorful story of the aftermath, even telling us how muggy it was that day with bars like, "It's raining, 85 degrees kinda muggy/One of the nights they thrown in his face it's real ugly." Ghost has a gift few storytellers possess-the ability to make you feel like you're standing next to him as this all goes down. Detroit Red would be proud, not too sure about Malik El-Shabazz though. —Angel Diaz

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