Lyric: "I get lots of commas, I can fuck yo momma" (2:11)

Here's how I imagine this situation playing out: Your mom is sitting on a bench at the mall. A GBE associate comes over and taps her on the shoulder; he says Chief Keef would like to talk to her. Your mom has no idea who Chief Keef is, but is amused; she wonders if this is going to be on TV, maybe she should get you or your brother to teach her how to set the DVR. She laughs to herself as she fumbles with her purse: "Only you, [your mom's name]. Only you!" Chief Keef approaches, stopping a few feet away. Your mom looks at him, a little nervous. Chief Keef is wearing giant sunglasses, an ill-fitting bubble vest and True Religion jeans. He mumbles something.

Your mom looks a little confused, but she asks him to repeat himself, super-nicely because your mom is really nice. Silence hangs in the air. Chief Keef then pulls out a giant stack of money and puts it up to his ear, pretending that it's a phone. He mumbles something about something. Your mom blinks for few moments. She stands up and begins to walk away. Then she stops, turns around and says, "Are we gonna fuck or what?"