TMZ is reporting that Soulja Boy's red Bentley was impounded by the Los Angeles Police Department, thanks to a network of cameras and an enterprising friend of the victim.

January 9, a motorcyclist ran into a red Bentley in Hollywood after the car made a reckless turn, causing the crash. The driver was seriously injured; the driver's friend returned to the scene and found out from a valet at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles (nb. they have valets at Roscoes in L.A.??) identified the car as Soulja's, information which the friend then brought to the police.

Using cameras the police have linked up throughout the city, they were able to identify Soulja's car as having had damage as if it were in a similar accident. Soulja's car has no damage today—but according to TMZ's law enforcement sources, they believe that he had the car repaired "on the sly" to cover up the accident.

Police obtained a warrent and have since impounded Soulja's vehicle. 

[via TMZ]

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