Every other day, we'll read some ridiculous news story brought to us by the powers of the Internet that makes us question the society we live in. But every now and again, we'll read some ridiculous news story that reminds of a rap lyric we once heard. As a generation raised on hip-hop, it's almost impossible to avoid. Lyrics bounce around our brains freely, in some cases resonating more powerfully than some of the lessons we learned in school.

Since we listen to entirely too much rap music, we decided that this marriage of crazy news and hip-hop was worth further examination, so we compiled some absurd news stories that can be animated succinctly by the appropriate rap lyrics. This collection of real life moments as described by hip-hop lyrics is what happens when life imitates art. Now if only anchors would recite lyrics during newscasts...

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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