New York based post-punk band SKATERS just embarked on their Escape From Chinatown Tour. A play on John Carpenter’s 1981 film Escape From New York, the tour takes them out of NYC's downtown music scene where they’ve become a staple faster than most bands manage to score their first gig. “You tell people you’re in the coolest band in New York City enough times and eventually they come to one of your shows,” says lead singer Michael Ian Cummings.

The band places a special emphasis on the role of visuals in their music. In addition to creating complex, cinematic music videos, they've released two issues of a self-published zine called YONKS.

“It’s kind of like the old punk scene days—putting all the bands in one place becomes a thing,” says Cummings. “If you didn’t know about the scene, you can get this pamphlet and learn all about it in one place. We wanted to give people who wanted to see it something really unique—each one is special."

Pepsi played a game of This or That? with SKATERS that resulted in a series of original sketches reminiscent of the artwork they create for their fans. Two step or robot? Check out the gallery at Pepsi and choose your own answers for this or that?