Sid Sriram will be the first person to tell you that he’s ready to break the mold. “I know I’m not your straightforward R&B artist, and the music isn’t straightforward R&B,” he explains. The Los Angeles-based singer and producer got his break when he posted a video of himself covering Frank Ocean’s “We All Try.” Covers of Drake and Rihanna followed, then he put out his mixtape West Coast Nightfall Part 1: Before Dusk

Inasmuch as he preaches his own departure from the usual tenets of R&B, the sheer beauty and soulful quality of his voice makes him a contender to challenge massively popular artists like Miguel and Frank Ocean.

“There’s a renaissance in R&B right now and I attribute that to the internet. With online there’s no barrier between the artist and the audience. I really wanted to to break that down.” For Sriram, the musicality and performance of a song, his own or someone else’s, should be able to present a specific feeling, regardless lyrical content or composition. caught up with Sriram to learn more about the person behind one of the best mixtapes released during the month of April. The multi-faceted artist took a break from the microphone to pick up a pen and answer a series of questions in the form of our favorite game, This or That? Check out the feature on to see the original sketches and pick out your own answers! Marvel, or DC?