As one diva gets herself out of financial trouble, another one may potentially find herself knee deep in it...if we're considering $15 million knee deep. Lil Kim is being sued by her ex-business manager, Andrew Ro, for costing him massive amounts of money by ruining several endorsement deals.

According to Ro, Kim signed a licensing deal with his company, International Rock Star Corp., last August. The deal included vodka, an energy drink, a perfume and clothing line, a Steve Madden shoe line, and...wait for it...a honey maker

However, Kim reportedly didn't hold up her end of the bargain. Ro claims she refused to take part in business meetings unless she was paid, refused to promote the perfume, and stopped taking calls from the company. The whole thing came to a head when she issued a cease-and-desist order claiming she was involved in bad deals. You'd think the honey maker would make things run smoothly.

A judge has yet to make a ruling.

[via TMZ]