Ahhh it's so bittersweet to watch the kids grow up. One day they're just little tumblr prodigies and the next day they're on their first US tour. Why I remember back when Little Daylight was THIIIIISSSSSS tall, now they're all blah blah blah blah blah blah blah....

Anyway. I fucking love these guys. Don't say I didn't warn you that there was momentum behind this electro-pop gravy train. So now I'm here listening to this brand new remix they recently dropped...

...instant classic - and I get to thinking, what's next for this tripod of mega-electro-pop stardom? Oh, I'll feed ya chickadees. Mark this on your calendar, and don't fucking say it out loud or you'll jinx it...one year from today, Little Daylight will be on your radio and nestled snugly into the mid-range of the Billboard Top 100. They will have more Instagram followers than they know what to do with, and headlining an international tour with, lets just say, someone bad ass, funky, and deep like TEED or Chris Malinchak. Maybe The Knocks. I don't know, stop pressuring me.

Inevitably, I'll most likely be fired from DAD at that point for "sexual harassment," but I'll make sure to link back from whatever bottom feeder, Enya-pumping blog I land on so I can give all 15 of their readers a big fat told ya so.

Tour dates below, see ya there Los Angeles.


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