In an interview with Hard Knock TVScarface recently made headlines by predicting that hip-hop would be overrun by white rappers sooner or laterFace placed the blame squarely on the old, white male executives that control record labels.

Sitting down with Iggy AzaleaHard Knock TV asks her to respond to Face's comments and she offers an excellent rebuttal. Iggy's main point is that ultimately it's the fans who decide what they want to buy, not the companies. 

"It’s not old white men creating the content and it’s not old white men buying the content either," she said. "Yes, they’re the middleman putting this out, but it’s just a bank."

She's right too. If we're learned anything in the past few years it's that record companies aren't very smart. The digital age has highlighted their ineptitude. Ultimately, record companies—like all corporations—don't actually care about what they release, they only care if it makes money.

Iggy also asserts that hip-hop being diverse is a thing to celebrate, not shoot down. 

"I think this idea of ‘rap should be black’ or ‘rap should be this or that’ is worrying to me because it’s like—segregation," she said. "Why would you want to segregate cultures and races and things like this? Isn’t that where conflict has always come from in the world?"

None of this means we don't still fear hip-hop could one day become like rock music where it becomes whitewashed, but we're with Iggy on just about everything else.

[via HotNewHipHop]

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