So you bought Random Access Memories and heard "Giorgio by Moroder," but maybe you're not familiar with his work. You've heard Donna Summer's hits like "Love to Love You Baby," or listened to the Scarface soundtrack and still don't get it. Giorgio Moroder is a true pioneer in electronic music, and his thumbprints are all over a number of different eras in the electronic music scene. He's seen a resurgence, kicked off by "Giorgio by Moroder" and featuring him kick off his first-ever live DJ gig during a Red Bull Music Academy show earlier this week. During that historic night, Moroder also sat down for an almost two-hour discussion about his career, from the 1970s through today. If you call yourself a fan of electronic music, dance music, EDM, or whatever you want to call it, you can't skip this and feel like you're down. Educate yourselves.

(Red Bull Music Academy)