Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch, Wu Block(2012)

Ghostface Killah: “‘Crack Spot Stories’ is probably my favorite. Yeah, ‘Crack Spot,’ and one of the ones we had with Meth at the end, ‘Stella.’ That was kinda cool.

“When I first received the ‘Crack Spot Stories’ beat, I knew I was playing with Sheek and them niggas. And they’re heavyweights over there, too. So this is one you don’t play around with. You gotta go in now. When I got the ‘Crack Spot’ one, that was one of the first ones I worked on.


I always make stories. That’s my element.


“The beat makes me paint the picture. And sometimes, that can be your downfall. Unless you want to paint some abstract shit, and talk about jewels, chains, and all that other shit. But I always make stories and shit. That’s my element.

“Then, because it’s Wu Block, my brothers would be like, ‘Yo, it’s called Wu Block and we ain’t even on it.’ I argue with my brothers all the time. I had to get them up on this shit.”

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