We're normally used to Draft's deeper/darker style of production, but he's got an electro house-y side to him that is itching to come out. You'll hear more of that in this mix, which he's using to promote his forthcoming Phryday EP. We wish we had more details on that, but Draft's playing secret squirrel with the info. For now, revel in the funk and know that info soon come.


Mord Fustang - Taito
Draft - Phryday (Draft's 4x4 Jet Set 128 Edit)
Draft - Over Indulgence
Draft - Shiraz
Daft Punk - High Life (Draft's Punk Edit)
Draft - Doujoin
Draft - Jump Leads
Draft - Two Tone Bang
Zonderling - Sonderling
Dataworx - Gravity
Draft - Troy (Draft's Less Depressing Mix)
Draft - Yorkee
Draft - Litherby
Draft - Pillage